A Guy In New York Is Selling Air For $800 A Bottle!

Is there such a thing as finely crafted, sociologically responsible bottled air?  Apparently there is!

In Houghton NY, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, a guy named Sean Avery has begun the first American based artisan air company called Appalachian Air Company and is selling what he calls a much more premium air.

“I first heard about selling air in a news story about two women in Europe,” states Avery. “I said to myself, this is something that needs to be of a higher quality and I am the man to do it.”

Melanie and Francesca De Watts, a pair of sister over in the British Isles, are using solid nets to “harvest” the air around the English countryside and then selling it for over $200 to  people in smog infested China.

Avery’s price is much higher, as in $799.95 per 32oz bottle.

According to Avery, the extra cost gets you several benefits: they put their air through a 27 step purification process to ensure it’s as clean as possible, and you can even order it infused with fruit, or captured at certain heights for certain clarities.  It is also Gluten Free, GMO Free, BPA Free, Vegan Friendly, Free Range, Fair Trade and USDA Organic.

I’m personally waiting for the New Mexican desert, Hot Sand, which I am sure will have an amazing texture and taste!

Visit their website at www.AppalachianAirCo.webs.com